Discipleship is more than attending a weekly Sunday school class.  It is a daily journey that includes a relationship with a mentor who holds the student accountable...

ICDM Audio Series

T02 - Introduction to Discipleship - Part 2

This is part 2 of an introduction to Discipleship, as taught by Professor Mark Colborn from a series of classes recorded in 1992 during a Bible Camp/Retreat in Washington State.

This is an excellent introduction to the whole concept of "discipleship", the model of Christianity as exemplified by Jesus. This term, "discipleship," is tossed around a lot in modern Church circles. What does it mean, from a Biblical perspective? What was Jesus hoping to accomplish by calling His Disciples, and then mandating that they, in turn, go and make disciples as well?

This introduction is an hour's listening time, and you can download it if you wish.

(Total time = 1h 3m)


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