Discipleship is more than attending a weekly Sunday school class.  It is a daily journey that includes a relationship with a mentor who holds the student accountable...


The Need for Discipleship; the Need for God

Discipleship is, in the most simple of terms, the replication of something, or someone, in someone else. This implies that there ought to be something of value that is replicated.

Christian Discipleship is the daily relationship between believers such that Christ Himself, as resident in each Christian, is replicated in each other's lives. The walk of Discipleship is the journey toward God and the maturing of a Born-Again person who belongs to the family of Jesus the Christ. Discipleship is the daily occupation of the community of believers, who encourage, exhort, and teach each other about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father.

The Modern World

In a time when technology is making great strides into our lives, many people have at their fingertips vast amounts of knowledge and data. This information age phenomena has caused great changes in the way we live and interact, and the way we view the world and our existence. With telecommunications bringing people from the other side of the world into our very living space, one becomes overwhelmed with the weight of reality.

In the affluent sections of many towns, whole neighborhoods have walled themselves in behind steel gates. More and more Westerners are choosing to shop at home, away from the crowds.

As more and more people retreat, on-line connectivity, whether tethered by phone lines at home or work, or by ever-mobile portable devices like the Web-enabled phones, brings new freedom and a greater chance to participate in new relationships. Those who find themselves alone and isolated from others can now reach out and participate in others' lives. The communications "super-highway," whatever the physical and electronic form used, has become for many the sole social interaction of any significance. Of course, not everyone is in this unique situation, but the superhighway brings a wealth of new relationships to them as well.

The Human Condition

All of us, no matter where we live in this world, no matter our skin color or gender, our political preference, our taste in food, our social status, or our religious pursuit, are driven by thirst for something deeper and richer than anything we can find in our lifetime on our own.

Pascal called this a 'God-shaped hole' in our hearts. The Bible calls it our Thirst for Living Water. Jesus (the Christ) said that He was the Living Water. Only He could bring relief to our deepest thirst.

The International Christian Discipleship Ministries is about providing resources for your journey toward God. We are here to offer tools and to foster relationships that will help you in the daily walk, in your finding God.

Do You Need God?
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